Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Forbidden Fruit

I have a confession to make. I have always been a Mac hater. My high school used Mac's, and I hated it. I am one of those who constantly bashed them, even though I never even tried to use them. I was, in essence, the enemy of the Apple.

But no more.

Having been using their latest Intel iMac machine for a mere two days, I have but one complaint…I can’t afford one yet.

But god dammit, I want one.

These machines are not mere computers; they are a blessing from the land of tea and redheads. They are incredibly fast, proficient, reliable, and so easy to use that it’s almost embarrassing. And that’s not even the best part. The best part is what they have included in their software. Little things that just make you wonder why Microsoft never bothered with them. Blue screen of death? Not a problem anymore. Viruses and Trojans and spyware, oh my! Nope. Not a problem either.

It’s almost as if Apple has taken windows, took out all the shit that doesn’t work, made it easier to configure and install and use, and then made it look cool. The way Mac OS X works is incredibly amazing, and I am disappointed in myself for never having given Apple a chance, much less the respect they deserve. Sure, people make fun of Apple because Microsoft has a 90% chunk of the market, but how many times a day do you really want to send them an error report when IE crashes or, god forbid, do that taunting “Not Responding” dance. I hate those two words. Hate ‘em.

I know I am probably going to get some slack for all of this, but I don’t care. Their new machines are amazing and I plan on getting one. I have always hated Mac’s, and it took only two days to completely change my mind. I am fully prepared to admit that in the electronic garden of computing, I have bitten the forbidden fruit. And you know what? It tasted good.

So, so you think you can tell…heaven from hell…blue skies from pain?

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