Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Your Hometown Hero

For those of you who haven’t heard, Microsoft is making an mp3 player. And while one would assume this product of the borg would contain technology comparable of that which comprises the electronics on the Starship Enterprise, it appears that its technology will actually be pretty limited. I loved my iPod, and my Creative Zen isn’t too shabby either, but this new device just seems to be a flagrant attempt to prove to the masses that they actually waited for others to create a device like the Zune just so that they could build off of their accomplishments, but it looks more like a model based off of their failures.

In other news, The Guardian came out. Why do Kutcher and Costner feel the need to continue making movies that suck? We have enough pain and suffering in the world without having to force our eyes to bleed due to the horrible display of acting by one has-been and one never-will-be. It may get good reviews (and I have heard it has), but I don’t care. Costner, retire. Kutcher, give up. Stop banging Demi Moore and start taking acting lessons.

You got to want to rearrange it, keep it off the record

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